Windmill Heights has been part of the community since 1965.

Founded in 1965 by Mason Hutcheson, the greenhouses were originally named "Ebenezer Heights Greenhouses". Mason started with just one greenhouse but quickly built more. Today, the business is run by his grandson, Paul, and a team of dedicated employees.

Our Vision

A world where everyone has their dream garden.

Our Mission

Plants bring beauty and happiness to the world, and we connect people to plants through education, inspiration, and innovative retail.

A brief history...

Mason Hutcheson put up his first greenhouse in 1965 in Inlet, just north of the town of Culpeper. A year later, he moved to the present location, bringing the greenhouse with him. As the years went by, he added more greenhouses.

In 1990, Mason retired from his career as an Agricultural Extension Agent. During his career, he taught 4-H to youth and gardening classes to adults.

After retirement, Mason devoted all his attention to the business, and gained a loyal following of local gardeners seeking quality plants.

In 2012, Mason sold the business to his grandson, Paul Hutcheson. We are proud to be a true family-owned business, and we are thankful for our faithful employees.

Today, the focus continues to be quality plants and building relationships with our customers - many of whom have been supporting us for 50+ years! Thank you!

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Finding us is easy

We're just a stone's throw off Route 3 in Culpeper