Beautiful Baskets – Flowers All Summer and Watering Tips

Blooms galore where the baskets soaked up sun.

Scraggly foliage and no blooms…SHADY! I forgot to rotate my baskets!

Hanging baskets add instant beauty and charm to a porch or landscape.  Summer is a great time to enjoy baskets!

Basket selection and proper care will give you long-lasting blooms.


  •  Choose flowers that thrive in your sun/shade environment.
    • Not sure?  We’re happy to offer suggestions!
  • Rotate baskets weekly so that both sides see the sun.
  • Fertilize baskets weekly.
    • We recommend a fertilizer that mixes with water like Miracle Gro (not a sponsored post).
  • Water baskets DAILY.
    • Keeping up with watering is the number one way to keep baskets looking great (and alive!)
    • Windmill Heights now offers custom automatic hanging basket / planter watering systems installed from $149.00.  If you’re interested in more information or for a quote, please contact Paul at:
    • Paul installed a system for me (Cori) as a Mother’s Day gift and I LOVE IT.  The system is on a timer!

Planter water line

The watering system is barely noticeable!

Basket water line

  • Flowers for sun:
    • Vinca, Petunias, Millionbells, Purslane/Portulaca (drought-resistant succulents!), Geraniums, Thumbergia (Black-Eyed Susan Vine)
  • Flowers for part sun and shade:
    • Ferns, Impatiens, Wandering Jew, Bridal Veil


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