We Guarantee Your Success!

We are committed to growing premium-quality plants that thrive and flourish in your yard, with no special care.

We are committed to asking questions about your yard so that we can recommend plants and solutions that will exceed your expectations.

We are committed to providing you with support after you buy from us. We will work with you to solve any problem, question, or concern you may have.

What does this mean for you?

Sometimes plants die.

We understand. Your ultimate success is our primary focus, and we will gladly refund or replace any plant that prematurely dies, while working with you to ensure that you are successful going forward.

Planted for Success

We have a unique philosophy for how we grow our plants. We call it Grandpa's Secret Recipe. We can't share all our secrets - but read on to learn more about our growing methods and what we do to Guarantee Your Success.

We still grow using Grandpa's Secret Recipe

We regularly hear from customers that our plants are some of the healthiest and most vigorous on the market. They tell us that our plants "Just grow!"


Here are the top 5 components of Grandpa's Secret Recipe:

  • We don't use Plant Growth Regulators (PGR's), which are chemicals that limit a plant's height and cause them to flower uniformly. But they can easily be over-applied, resulting in stunting and plants that never seem to grow.
  • We don't use fungicides because we pay careful attention to watering correctly and thoroughly. This means our plants have healthy, clean-white roots. Healthy roots grow healthy shoots!
  • We don't cut corners. We use premium potting soil, premium fertilizer, and premium cuttings and seedlings from the best suppliers in the industry.
  • We only grow plants that have proven themselves in central Virginia. There are lots of plants that don't do well in our area, and we don't carry them. We listen to our customers and get feedback on what is doing great and what is mediocre, and we constantly fine-tune our offerings to focus only on the BEST.
  • We are conscious of our pesticide use and constantly work to reduce or eliminate it. We use beneficial insects for about 75% of our crops, and we only use Certified Organic sprays on our vegetables and herbs. We treat preventatively when possible so we can use the lowest dose, and we target spray just the crops that need it most.  About half of our crops are never sprayed at all - thanks to our beneficial insects! And we never use Neonicotinoid-based sprays, which are harmful to honey bees.